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Food: Pizza

23 Mar

My roommate Abby gave me the wonderful idea of buying a frozen cheese pizza and adding toppings. Voici —

One-half: spinach, feta cheese, basil, red onions, mushrooms
One-half: potatoes, caramelized onions, oregano, rosemary, garlic

It’s great, economical-ish, and tasty.

My other roommate, Erin, has added bacon and brie on her pizzas in the past, both of which turned out really, really well. She also made the dough from scratch, which is beyond my league.

While I’m on the topic of cheesy, starchy foods … I had chili cheese fries at Stoney’s, located in Logan Circle. I give them points for thought and originality for broiling the CCF, as it gives the fries a nice, crisp exterior. However, once you crack the cheesy shell, you’ll find that the chili is not much more than water and stewed beans. I don’t know, I find something deeply unjust about that.