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Travelogue: More Straight East Coastin’ (Updated)

7 Mar

Northeastern winters are barren trees that raise their scraggly arms to the sky, clawing at brick buildings.
This is truly nearly region-wide. For stretches, Virginia can look just like Maryland, which can look just like Delaware, which can look just like Pennsylvania. As such, driving to Philly was like running on a treadmill, eyes blurred by a reddish-brown haze.

But beyond nature and within the concrete jungle, Philadelphia definitely holds its own. For one, among all the urban sprawl, wonderful murals canvas the city with vibrancy. I love this.

I can’t really speak to the food here, despite leaving the city with a gut large enough to shame a Yokozuna. I spent most of my time … and money … in Chinatown — which unlike DC’s “China” “town,” is actually legitimate. However, my guess is decent dim sum at Joy Tsin Lau and excellent Shanghai soup-filled dumplings at Sakura are not Philly trademarks. For that, one looks to the cheesesteak. I had one at a tourist hole, Pat’s, which was acceptable but also generally considered to be a sub-par cheesesteak on the greater Philadelphia cheesesteak-o-scale.

All right, I’m clearly losing my writing faculties. Quickly —

1. I left the Body Worlds exhibit with a much more profound appreciation for my brain, a clearer understanding of cancer’s effects, and my fair share of the heebie jeebies.

2. I saw the Liberty Bell, and its exhibit was interesting in that I learned how the bell was resignified to stand for liberty and thereafter co-opted by various causes. It wasn’t exactly stated in that way, though.

An unofficial Ben Franklin reenactor stood next to the building that housed the Liberty Bell. I wanted to take a photo with him, but he was too busy telling two men how he acquired his costume (shoes from a female donor, coat from Montreal, normal white shirt, etc.).

Update 1, 03/09/10:

Photos! My camera was in my office drawer this weekend. Luckily, some of the dudes on the Philly day trip are avid photographers. These are by Dan Chiang:

A bell of some significance.

Ben Franklinesque.

Independence Hall.

In line at Geno’s. I am the one closest to the camera with my back turned.

Philly cheesesteak, wiz wit (in English, Philly cheesesteak with cheese whiz and grilled onions).