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more n00b impressions

7 Nov

For what it’s worth, more n00b impressions:

  • I can’t connect to my wireless router. Whoo. My Machead cousin can’t access it either, so I’m supposing that this is an Unix/Linux-based OS issue. On the upside, I can, however, access an unprotected linksys (thanks, neighbor) …
  • This is really petty, but my last.fm doesn’t keep track of the number of times I play a song on repeat. Actually, my last.fm scrobbler doesn’t scrobble at all; it’s the applet in my Rhythmbox (iTunes alternative) that does it. What this means is that no one will ever know that I listened to Gong by Sigur Rós for two hours, continuously. The world is impoverished for it.
  • My computer is still faster than it was on Windows Vista, which is a benefit that I all too quickly forget given the glitches outlined in this post and the one before it.

n00b impressions

4 Nov

I just made the switch from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala, a Linux OS. Here are my impressions, worth little given my n00bitude.


  • My computer on Windows was always inexplicably slow. In fact, other people who used my Windows system would actually become angry waiting for programs to load. Since switching to Ubuntu, there’s been marked improvement in speed, and I also have a lot more freed up disk space. I imagine my friends might be pleased.
  • Unlike patchwork Windows, Ubuntu feels very integrated. There’s a very helpful Ubuntu software center, and generally everything available seems to have been tailored to this OS.
  • It’s an attractive system, and programs are fairly easy to use.


  • I knew I would be giving up a number of things by switching to Linux. iTunes and MS Word are two that come to mind, and I was ready to deal with their absence thanks to a number of program alternatives. Things that did not come to mind — browser based Pandora, my external harddrive’s .exe manager — are more difficult to deal with.
  • Some things are totally unintuitive. Take toggling between languages. Aside from downloading language software packs, I also had to type up a few command lines into Terminal to get Chinese input to work. Further, in Linux land, this task is at total n00b status, whereas I imagine this is considered ‘advanced’ in Windows and Mac territory. Ugh.

I’ll type more impressions of this OS as they come.