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Dispatches from the Capitol: National Zoo, CCF, and Union Station

10 Mar

What’s for dinner today?


… read a panel next to the cheetah enclosure. According to it, my 100-150 lb. weight bracket put me in the same class as the female warthog, and as a female warthog, I could be eaten within a half hour by lions and would be especially relished by hyenas. However, I would not have to fear cheetahs, because according to another sign, adult humans are too dense and heavy for cheetahs to eat. Instead, cheetahs prefer prey at or below 100 lbs., like a gazelle — which is “about the size of a sixth grader.”

I feel for any sixth grader who is reading this blog or is familiar with that sign. All the same, some of those signs at the National Zoo were curiously hilarious.

Aside from humorous blurbs, the Zoo has other obvious treasures. Here are photos of a couple of them. First, the Fly River Turtle, or Pig-nosed Turtle. I prefer the former name, because it evokes images of a shoreside reptile sporting cool threads. Second, the White-faced saki, who looks rather like an old sage in this photo.

Now, I have a very cool story to share with you. Today, I ate chili cheese fries — surprise, surprise.

As you can see, the chili and cheese look good, but the fries look more like they’ve been microwaved than fried. I tried getting some ketchup in my basket to add a little flavor, but air pressure worked against any ketchup flow. An older man, maybe in his 50s or 60s, passed along his ketchup bottle, which worked just fine.

We both continued eating — I read a Chinese article while fries undoubtedly poked out of my mouth. He talked to the waitress about his hometown of Chicago and how he visited Sioux Falls, South Dakota last week. It was freezing there on Saturday, apparently.

Then he left.

And then the waitress told me that he paid for my meal and instructed her not to say anything to me until after he had left. That was all.

After that, I joined a photography group through a church I’m attending in DC. We took some photos around Union Station. Most of mine turned out bleh — a combination of poor shutter speed judgment, lens flare, and the fewer number of interesting subjects out at that time of night.

This one is decent, and even has the Capitol in the background. That little neon red light trail on the left is courtesy of her ciggy.