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Photos: L.A. Japantown

13 Nov




One of the most popular spots in L.A.’s Japantown is Daikokuya, a ramen restaurant whose loyal patrons line the door for 20-30 minutes, waiting for their names to be called. Those who can’t stand the wait can head across the street to Japanese Village Plaza, where kitschy souvenir shops and baked goods abound. Above, dorayaki, still in the griddle. The wait for just one can be upwards of a half hour.

In the second photo, a bowl of ramen, kotteri style (added rich flavor of fatback). The noodles don’t come this red; my friend Ricky unscrewed the cap of the chili powder shaker and dumped 1/4 of its contents in.

Finally, Godzilla and dirty plastic baby dolls watch your meal from above. Comforting.