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Travelogue: Straight East Coastin’

28 Feb

Interns come and go, politicians stay as long as their constituents will have them: DC is a city of constant flux. And while it’s home to a great many cultures, ethnic communities here thrive mainly at a private, small level. That is to say, my first impression is that ethnic languages, cultures, and foods are most readily found inside homes or civic groups, not in the marketplace, not on dense streets, not in lively quarters — with some exceptions (the Ethiopian and Eritrean presence around U St. comes to mind).

Boston is different. There’s a sizable Chinatown, a really nice Little Italy, and probably other areas that I didn’t see in my 2.5 days there. Also, while some areas (e.g., Cambridge) experience a lot of residential turnover, even a short-term visitor will be able to sense something very constantly and palpably Bostonian about the region. Contrast this with DC, which I almost want to say has less a culture of place than it has a culture of politics. But that’s not entirely true. I just can’t pinpoint what DC’s essence is yet.

I’d like to write in more detail about Boston, because I had a really great weekend. There were many instances of seeing people for the first time in a very long time, and I appreciated every moment. However, it’s late, and I have to sleep. Here are a couple of photos from a small batch I have just uploaded to my flickr (username baulina).

Vegetable curry with egg & cheese at Cafe Mami with the indomitable Steph An (not pictured). This is the acme of Japanese curry.

Mike’s Pastry is a caloric nightmare, but one that few want to wake from. The popular joint is best known for the cannolis, but has a huge selection of cookies and cakes. Here, they are about to be boxed.

L-R: Éclair, ricotta cheese cannoli, tiramisu, Napoleon.