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Life Without a Computer: It Really is as Horrible as it Sounds

7 Dec

On Wednesday, the day before one of my final papers was due, my computer charger started sparking and smoking. I used Amazon’s one-click purchasing to buy a new charger, and later found out that is en route to Los Angeles instead of Berkeley.

It’s been hard dealing with this new unplugged reality, since my computer was both my entertainment and productive console.

There’s one development that I have mixed but mostly positive feelings about, and that’s my newest purchase: a transistor radio. I buckled yesterday and confessed to the RadioShack cashier that I was going absolutely bonkers without some source of activity in my room. After laughing at me, she rang me up — at $14.99, it was the cheapest radio in the store.

I’m listening to the news a lot now, but the frequency is a little shaky in my house; I have to shuffle around and wave my radio in the air for it to land on Public Radio International. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, the channel will be interspersed with neighboring ones. For example, today’s report on Julian Assange was punctuated by the — que saaaaaaaa — beautiful sounds of — borrrriiii — mariachi music.