My Green Month [Day 5]

15 Sep

Five days have passed, and already I’m exhibiting meat withdrawal. I attribute this in part to Gennia’s posted photo of delicious poutine. Poutine, a Canadian comfort food of fries, beef gravy, and curds, is a distantly related cousin to chili cheese fries — which, as you might already know, probably constituted 18% of my pre-veg diet. (An exaggeration? You be the judge.)

Then, after a lively 3 hour geography seminar, I indulged my brain in a little veg out time by watching YouTube videos. In a lapse of judgment, I decided to watch a video on how to make chili cheese fries.

As a fairly respected chili cheese fry researcher, I have to admit that I strongly disagree with her methodology, though I think her broiling techniques do shed valuable insight …

Anyway, again, I made a poor decision.

But more on my vegetarian month later. A dense economic history book awaits …

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