Food: “Research”

31 May

DC may be the only place where Chinese restaurants serve a standard fare of Chinese food, fried chicken, seafood, and subs. The addition of subs is mystifying, if only because I think submarine sandwiches rank pretty low on people’s favorite foods.

I tried to imagine the following scenarios —

  1. Dude, I’m really hungry.
    Yeah, bro, I’m in the mood for a sub.
  2. Hi, kids! What do you want for dinner?
    Children, in unison: Subway!
  3. No, pizza’s a terrible idea. What our potluck needs are some submarine sandwiches.

— and found myself even more baffled.

I naively thought I would be able to understand the place of subs in a Chinese joint after a few jaunts to local carry-outs over the weekend. Three restaurants and two days later, I’m closer to the answer, but still very far. I’m leaving DC tomorrow (blah!), and I realize that I have to return at some point to do more, erm, ‘research’ on this.

At Goody’s Carry-Out, which “serve[s] delicious Chinese food, Mexican food, subs, seafood, & chicken at most reasonable prices,” I ordered 3 Chicken wings with fried rice. I had the choice of topping the chicken with ketchup, Mumbo sauce, hot sauce, or barbecue sauce. As Quinn, the cashier, bagged my order, she asked me if I also wanted some soy sauce. This medley of sauce choices — East, West, and … Mumbo — was really delightful.

A beguiling snack from Spring Garden: the Philly steak eggroll.

Addendum: I realize I haven’t actually had a sub at any of these places. However, my visits were more geared towards talking with people than trying food. Still, though, I probably should get a sub sandwich during phase 2 of my research — which, by the way, is now receiving grants.

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