Travelogue: More Straight East Coastin’ (Updated)

7 Mar

Northeastern winters are barren trees that raise their scraggly arms to the sky, clawing at brick buildings.
This is truly nearly region-wide. For stretches, Virginia can look just like Maryland, which can look just like Delaware, which can look just like Pennsylvania. As such, driving to Philly was like running on a treadmill, eyes blurred by a reddish-brown haze.

But beyond nature and within the concrete jungle, Philadelphia definitely holds its own. For one, among all the urban sprawl, wonderful murals canvas the city with vibrancy. I love this.

I can’t really speak to the food here, despite leaving the city with a gut large enough to shame a Yokozuna. I spent most of my time … and money … in Chinatown — which unlike DC’s “China” “town,” is actually legitimate. However, my guess is decent dim sum at Joy Tsin Lau and excellent Shanghai soup-filled dumplings at Sakura are not Philly trademarks. For that, one looks to the cheesesteak. I had one at a tourist hole, Pat’s, which was acceptable but also generally considered to be a sub-par cheesesteak on the greater Philadelphia cheesesteak-o-scale.

All right, I’m clearly losing my writing faculties. Quickly —

1. I left the Body Worlds exhibit with a much more profound appreciation for my brain, a clearer understanding of cancer’s effects, and my fair share of the heebie jeebies.

2. I saw the Liberty Bell, and its exhibit was interesting in that I learned how the bell was resignified to stand for liberty and thereafter co-opted by various causes. It wasn’t exactly stated in that way, though.

An unofficial Ben Franklin reenactor stood next to the building that housed the Liberty Bell. I wanted to take a photo with him, but he was too busy telling two men how he acquired his costume (shoes from a female donor, coat from Montreal, normal white shirt, etc.).

Update 1, 03/09/10:

Photos! My camera was in my office drawer this weekend. Luckily, some of the dudes on the Philly day trip are avid photographers. These are by Dan Chiang:

A bell of some significance.

Ben Franklinesque.

Independence Hall.

In line at Geno’s. I am the one closest to the camera with my back turned.

Philly cheesesteak, wiz wit (in English, Philly cheesesteak with cheese whiz and grilled onions).

3 Responses to “Travelogue: More Straight East Coastin’ (Updated)”

  1. Harmony at 11:30 PM #

    You are super cute in these photos. Too bad you can’t be in pictures that you’re taking because it’d be nice to see pictures of you more often…

  2. Paulina at 7:05 AM #

    Thanks. Yeah, even for me … most photo blogs I’m interested in have photos of the authors, too.

  3. tiffanyy at 7:14 PM #

    did the body world exhibit you went to have any animals? when i went in high school, they had a huge horse. and are the soup filled dumplings you are referring to the ‘peepee’ dumplings? 😀

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