My Ever-Expanding Stomach: Chili Cheese Fries

25 Feb

Chili cheese fries: my shame, my glory. As I detailed in an earlier post, I’m a big (?) fan of the food. I’ll write more on that later. For now, a couple of notes.

1. I went to Ben’s Chili Bowl twice within one week, which was probably unwise. I went first on my own, and then again with some friends after a poetry session at a local cafe bombed and we had time to kill.

That’s CCF with nacho cheese. The second time, I split a CCF with shredded cheddar cheese with a friend.

If you go to Ben’s Chili Bowl, I suggest you skip the CCF and buy a hot dog.

2. Good Stuff Eatery charges $7 for CCF, with tax, it’s $7.70. I protested this to the cashier, but all he did was laugh at me.

The fries here are very good, seasoned with rosemary, thyme, and sea salt. The chili is a bit sweet for my taste, and dwarfed the fries. All that aside, pretty good CCF, if not at a steep price. They use processed cheese, which may turn some people off — but not me. I’m a sucker for additives.

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