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Dispatches from the Capitol: February Snowfall

6 Feb

Snow began to fall around 11 AM yesterday, and by the time I had left work, a good amount of powder had already settled. On my way home, a kid in front of me with his eyes scrunched and head arched back, held his tongue out to catch the falling flakes when he was rudely awakened by his father —

“It’s just frozen water, dawg!”

No, dawg. This isn’t just frozen water.

This is Snowmageddon.

It has also popularly been called the Snowpocalypse. You can find out more about it at the Post. I mean, yes, pretty winter wonderland and funny eschatological monikers aside, it’s so far been absolutely exhausting with a historic 30+ inches in some places. Also, every half-hour or so, I hear the rescue call of police sirens — for what, I’m not sure, but I can start to imagine given that 210k are without electricity and the roads are complete hazards. Here are a couple more photos, one of contrast, and the other, of the clean-up to come.