Travelogue, Pt. 3: Singapore (A)

17 Jan

I am currently in Singapore, on a hotel business center computer. As a result, I can’t upload any photos, which I think are infinitely more interesting — or at the very least necessary as a supplement — than my travel commentary. Once I have access to WiFi, I will upload some of the photos I’ve taken and merge this post with a new one.

I’ve had limited exposure to Singapore so far. Eighty percent of what I’ve seen here has been in the environ of Orchard Road. Without photos, the best I can do to approximate a description would be to ask you to imagine a very nice luxury goods shopping center, conceive of an even better and flashier design, increase the size of that by three, and then multiply it for blocks upon blocks. The enormity and the lights will boggle you. Further, most U.S. malls I know of are full of fake palm trees and artificial tropical fauna. Being on Orchard Road, which is like one Mega shopping plaza, surrounded by tropical Singapore’s lush vegetation is astounding; the street’s got the feeling of a swollen mall, turned inside out.

Last night, I went with some family and family friends to Singapore’s Chinatown where we had durian at a hawker stand called Liu Lian Wang, or Durian King. Interestingly enough, as if not to be outdone, its next door neighbor is Durian Sultan or something.

Having the opportunity to eat all these tropical fruits is giving me a profound disdain for American fruits. I fear that in the future I may not be able to eat an apple without feeling contempt.

I have also eaten at Chatterbox, which is supposed to have the best Hainan Ji Fan (Hainan chicken rice) in Singapore, which is notable as the food is practically the national dish. I am sorry to confess that the Hainan Ji Fan at Alhambra, California’s Savoy Kitchen stands taller in my mind. But, I will say that the coconut ice cream was by far the best ice cream I have ever eaten. Served inside a coconut shell lined with coconut meat for your scraping delight, the ice cream is topped with cocoa powder and garnished with walnuts. Additional decoration includes a marbled chocolate piece, and pineapple tucked into lychee on skewers.

Anyway, hopefully I can have some photos up in the next few days. I’m sort of a webby pauper; I don’t know when my next connection is coming.

Till then —

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  1. John Photographer January 17, 2010 at 4:54 AM #

    Very original! 🙂

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