The Wicked Seed

10 Oct

A few days ago, I had some soy milk and noticed that it tasted bitter at the end. I thought that the cup wasn’t rinsed out well enough, and that soapy residue was to blame. However, the bitter taste would keep returning, no matter how often I would re-rinse a cup before drinking or a bowl before eating.

Then, it went away.

Today, after eating a bowl of noodles, I noticed the same thing. Had some juice, and the bitterness was still there. I cursed the dish soap and moved on with my life.

However, when I had pandan cake at a friend’s house, the bitterness came back, and my dish soap was effectively exonerated. A quick Google search brought up this post: Pine Nuts Left a Bitter Taste in my Mouth. I recently got hooked on Trader Joe’s pine nuts, and considering that this post describes what I’ve been experiencing — AND she references Trader Joe’s pine nuts — I believe this seed is indeed the cause.

So watch out for ‘improperly stored’ pine nuts (e.g., leaving a bag out at room temperature, which is a pretty lame benchmark for improper storage). But at $7.99 per 8 oz. bag at Trader Joe’s, maybe the price tag is warning enough.

One Response to “The Wicked Seed”

  1. ditha at 2:28 PM #

    mmm pandan cake…

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